Nikolai Ivanovich Vasiliev

(1948 - 2021)
Outstanding scientist in the field of technology and engineering of geological exploration.
Nikolai Ivanovich Vasiliev is known in Russia and abroad as a theorist and organizer of scientific research on drilling wells in ice, head of the scientific school of the Department of Drilling Wells, academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human Safety and Nature, member of the Academic Council of the St. Petersburg Mining University, the Council of the Oil and Gas Faculty and dissertation councils of MU 2019.2, MU 212.224.02 in the following specialties: 25.00.14 - "Technology and technique of geological exploration", 25.00.15 - "Technology of drilling and development of wells".
The scientific and organizational activity of N. I. Vasiliev as the head of the Department of Well Drilling in the period 2004-2017 was distinguished by the formulation of problems of state significance and aimed at improving the economic efficiency of research and development of the Institute. The main areas of research of Nikolai Ivanovich were technologies and technical means for drilling wells in ice and subglacial rocks by mechanical means, core electromechanical projectiles on a load-bearing cable; technologies for the environmentally safe opening of the subglacial Lake Vostok in Antarctica.
He has published more than 100 printed works, including more than 3 textbooks.

For many years, N. I. Vasiliev was a member of the expedition and the head of the glacio drilling team as part of the Soviet and Russian Antarctic Expedition in Antarctica and the North-Lands expeditions. For his great personal contribution to the implementation of the activities of the 1st stage of the implementation of the subprograms of the Federal Target Program «World Ocean» and Antarctica was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

In 2012, Russian scientists, specialists of the department and a glaciobur team led by Professor N. I. Vasiliev as part of the 57th RUssian Arctic Expedition completed drilling at a depth of 3769.3 meters and reached the surface of the subglacial Lake Vostok in Antarctica, which was covered by numerous Russian and foreign media. In January 2015, the subglacial Lake Vostok was re-opened at 3,769.15. This major world scientific achievement was the result of many years of fruitful work.
Nikolay Ivanovich is a participant of numerous international invention fairs, where he was awarded gold and silver medals and diplomas.

According to the results of the competition for 2003, according to the version "Professional engineers in the category "Geology, Land management, geodesy, cartography", the diploma of the winner of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year" No. 428 was awarded. Also, according to the results of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year" for 2003, in the category "Geology, Land Management, Geodesy, cartography", the certificate No. 4-298 "Professional Engineer of Russia"was awarded. He was a laureate of the Peter the Great Prize with a gold medal, and was also awarded the state medal "In Memory of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg".

During the existence and activity of the scientific school of the department, the head of which since 2004 was N. I. Vasiliev, about 25 doctors and more than 70 candidates of science have been trained, while the continuity of generations is traced.

A significant contribution to the work of the school was made by the middle generation of scientists and specialists (Professors B. B. Kudryashov, A.M. Yakovlev, I. G. Shelkovnikov, L. K. Gorshkov, V. K. Chistyakov, V. P. Onishchin, Yu. T. Morozov, G. S. Brodov, etc.). The following scientists, who defended their doctoral dissertations, continue the activities of the school, along with well-known specialists of the middle generation: V. S. Litvinenko, N. E. Bobin, N. I. Nikolaev, N. I. Vasiliev, V. G. Gorelikov, A. A. Yakovlev, Yu. D.Muraev, P. G. Talalay, A. G. Arkhipov, etc.
Thus, the stability and efficiency of the school's activities have been observed for 70 years of its existence, during which time many dozens of research projects and ROC have been carried out, many inventions and two scientific discoveries have been introduced.

The scientific results of the school were awarded with two diplomas for scientific discoveries, about 150 patents and author's certificates for inventions, hundreds of articles and reports, more than 30 monographs, and were covered at numerous symposiums, conferences, forums, and open tables. A symposium on drilling in difficult geological conditions has been held at the department for 20 years. The renewal of which took place in 2017.
The school's developments were often awarded with medals and diplomas of various exhibitions and salons – international, all-Union, including the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNH) of the USSR, All-Russian regional (the number of these awards is counted in many dozens).

The scientific significance of the school's research is confirmed by its recognition by the international and domestic scientific community. The school has strong ties with a number of foreign organizations and educational institutions in France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, China, and Ukraine, which in some cases are formalized by international agreements.
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