Boris Borisovich Kudryashov

Unsurpassed scientist in the field of exploration technology and engineering
Boris Borisovich Kudryashov is known in Russia and foreign countries as a theorist and organizer of scientific research on exploratory drilling of wells, the founder of the Russian school of drilling thermophysics and a talented teacher.
Graduated from the Leningrad Mining Institute named after G. V. Plekhanov in 1954 with distinction in the specialty "Technology of exploration of mineral deposits". Since 1954, he worked as a Doctor of Science in the Research Institute of Methods and Techniques of Intelligence of the Mingeo USSR. Since 1956, he worked as an assistant, associate professor, professor of the Department of Well Drilling Technology and Engineering at Leningrad Mining Institute.

In 1980-1981, he was the dean of the Faculty of Geological Exploration, and from 1981-1989 – the Vice-rector of Leningrad Mining Institute for Scientific Work.
From 1989 to 2000. He was the head of the Department of Well drilling technology and techniques of the St. Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University).

He developed the basics of the theory and technology of regulating the temperature regime of drilling wells and rock-breaking tools, new methods of drilling in frozen rocks with compressed air blowing and foam washing, drilling with simultaneous freezing of wet rocks, drilling by melting in ice and rocks. Under his leadership, an absolute world record for the depth of drilling in the ice was set-3623 m (Antarctica, station "Vostok").

He has published more than 250 scientific papers, including 17 textbooks, textbooks and monographs, and has received 45 author's certificates and patents. Author of the scientific discovery "The phenomenon of ultra-long suspended animation in microorganisms" (diploma No. 6, 1995). Prepared 27 candidates and 6 doctors of technical sciences.
B. B. Kudryashov was the chairman of two dissertation councils at Saint- Institute and a member of the council at Russian State Geological Exploration University namtd after S. Ordzhonikidze for awarding academic degrees, a member of the Expert Council of the USSR Higher Attestation Commission, a member of the Presidium and two Councils of the Educational and methodical association for Geological Specialties of the USSR State Education, a member of the National Committee for Mining Thermophysics and the Interdepartmental Commission for the Study of Antarctica under the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a member of the «Nedra», a member of a number of scientific, technical and methodological councils, a full member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation (1997), a full member of the International Academy of Ecology, Human Safety and Nature

B. B. Kudryashov-Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, Honorary member of the Russian Geological Society. He was awarded the Orders" For Services to the Fatherland "of the 4th degree, the Order of the Badge of Honor, medals "In memory of the 250th anniversary of Leningrad", "Veteran of Labor", departmental insignia " For excellent success in work "(Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR)," Honorary Prospector of Mineral Resources"," Excellent Prospector of Mineral Resources "(Ministry of Geology of the USSR)," Miner's Glory " of the 2nd and 3-th degree, diplomas and medals of Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy and many international exhibitions.

Since 1967, he has been the permanent Head of Antarctic Research at the University of Mines. The foundations of the theory, special equipment were created, and together with the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institutes, the technology of drilling deep wells in the ice was put into practice. Boris Borisovich participated in the 20th and 24th Russian Antarctic expeditions as the head of the intracontinental sledge-tractor scientific campaigns. A group of drilling specialists led by him has drilled more than 20,000 m of wells with full core sampling in the ice of the circumpolar regions and mountain glaciers. The results of drilling are twice noted in the Guinness Book of Records. The technology of environmentally friendly opening of the subglacial Lake Vostok, created by Boris Borisovich, received a positive decision of the State Ecological Expertise.
The design of the sterilizer was developed by N. E. Bobin, a member of several Antarctic expeditions, and the scientific leadership was carried out by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor B. B. Kudryashov.

To penetrate into the subglacial lake and prevent its possible pollution, it was necessary to develop an environmentally friendly drilling technology and technical means. In 2000, B. B. Kudryashov and a joint team of authors, which included: N. I. Vasiliev, A. N. Dmitriev, E. A. Zagrivny, G. N. Solovyov, A. I. Danilov, V. Ya. Lipenkov, V. V. Lukin, L. M. Savatyugin from the Mining University and the AANII, developed and implemented the technology of deep drilling in ice with original electrothermal and electromechanical shells on a load-bearing cable.
Taking into account the huge contribution of Boris Borisovich Kudryashov to the development of technology for drilling deep wells in the ice, in the summer of 2013, at a meeting of the Advisory Council of the Antarctic Treaty, it was decided to assign the status of a historical monument to the building of the drilling complex of the well 5G named after Professor B. B. Kudryashov at the Vostok station in Antarctica. This event is the result of the recognition by the international scientific community of the achievements of Russian scientists in the field of studying the Antarctic ice sheet and subglacial reservoirs. This will preserve the memory of the descendants of the name of the outstanding scientist, from 1967 to 2002, who was the scientific director of research aimed at creating equipment and technology for ice drilling, Boris Borisovich Kudryashov.

Currently, the 5G well is the deepest in the world, 500 meters higher than the depth achieved by foreign specialists.
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