St. Petersburg Mining University climbed to 12th place in the ranking of engineering universities

The Mining University of St. Petersburg is on the 12th place in the world ranking in the category "Engineering: Mining". In the entire history of participation of Russian educational institutions in world rankings, this is the best result. In the laboratory of this university, a new cementing solution is being created, which will make a breakthrough in the development of oil and gas fields, because, according to the idea, this solution should be used for equipment operating in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.

Within the walls of the Mining University, young minds are working on solving current problems, which creates a good basis for their future professional activities. The result of such an educational solution is a huge number of publications of works of students and graduate students, as well as the introduction of practical innovations in the work of enterprises in the country.

The university has achieved such success that scientists from all over the world follow its activities.

The company that makes the ratings is included in the top of the most authoritative rating agencies in the world of science and it is compiled on the basis of the quantity and quality of publications made and practical techniques used.

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