The landfill in Sablino will change the domestic oil production

In 2023, the first Russian testing ground will appear at the educational and scientific base of the St. Petersburg Mining University (Sablino), where oil and gas companies will be able to develop energy equipment and conduct research in the field of prospecting, extraction and processing of minerals.

The need for the implementation of such an object turned out to be especially tangible after the sanctions from Western countries, which, since 2014, have limited the supply of technologies and technical means, including units and assemblies of oil production plants.

Even in 2021, the process of import substitution is developing too slowly, and in some sectors of the oil and gas industry, especially in the areas of unconventional methods of working with fields, the percentage of imports still reaches 80. In addition, the quality of domestic counterparts is often significantly inferior to foreign products, and the number of equipment failures by working positions are not getting smaller.

Test sites can change the situation for the better, where specialists would be able to simulate any climatic conditions for drilling wells and oil production, as well as inspect domestic equipment. For this purpose, three wells with a length of up to three kilometers will be drilled at the Sablino test site and six models of wells with cryogenic installations will be built to recreate the natural environment of Antarctica and explore the possibilities of drilling in ice.

Now on the proposed territory of the testing complex there is a scientific base of the mining university, whose students undergo compulsory practice in Sablino and gain experience and skills in the specialty "Oil and Gas Business" and other related areas. Expanding the base to a landfill will make the site popular not only for beginners, but also for serious industrial companies, which in the future will have a positive effect on the entire industry as a whole.

Source of information Edition Forpost