The first test site to simulate a real field will be created in Russia

The experience of previous tests has shown that in order to assess the complete picture of the work, it is necessary to pass three types of tests: laboratories, polygons in real fields and polygons that imitate real fields.

The first two types are already in operation, but there is still no test site that simulates the field, which leads to an increase in the time and cost of testing equipment, and also does not allow obtaining highly accurate results with regard to the quality of equipment operation. In addition, during the development of the operation technology, there is a risk of damage to an existing well, and the landfill will solve this problem as well.

Sablino in the Leningrad Region can become such a testing ground.

According to the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, it has been established that the creation of the test site will stimulate the improvement of existing equipment, as well as the creation of innovative equipment, which in the future will allow the country to take the lead in oil and gas production.

The expected demand will be 30-35 tests of new technical units per year.
After the completion of all work on the creation of the landfill, it will be put into operation. At the same time, according to the participants of the meeting, equipment tests will cost significantly less than if they continue to be carried out at foreign sites, as is happening now.

Thus, especially in view of the instability of the world market and relations between states, this is a profitable investment in the future of our country. During the meeting, the participants confirmed the feasibility of developing such a landfill in the Leningrad Region. As a result, the participants drew up a plan for further development and implementation of the proposed project.

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